Get Me Out Of Here. Let’s Make A Movie

It all started as in every movie. Two days before we started filming, the production department was making last minute calls, asking the cast several favors and gathering every home decoration that could be used as a prop for our spot.


What was the short film about?

“Get me out of here. Let´s make a movie“. Or so I read in the script.

Weeks before we started to film I met the director Dany Saadia. When he interviewed me, he started talking about how the cinema industry in Mexico lacked an audience not because of the content but because of the lack of publicity. That was when he  first mentioned the term transmedia.


Transmedia is not just massive advertising around a product, in this case a movie. It’s about getting people interested, waiting for content such as  images, ideas, concepts that evolve around the core of the movie. It’s about placing your movie,  as a trendsetter, a phenomenon. All of this takes place way before you plan to distribute your film.

If you want to make a film, you need to know the business.

Dip in and lets make a movie!