Crowdfunding and Transmedia

Big names for relatively simple concepts, or so we’d like to think. If you’ve never heard of these two terms, you’re in the right place.

Crowdfunding is precisely what its name implies, a crowd that together funds something. That is what we’re trying to do for Just in Life. It’s a way to get people from all over the globe, literally, to help finance a big idea that might otherwise, without the resources that participants give, end up as just an idea and never reach fruition. (In this case, the big idea happens to be one of the coolest time travel ideas to hit the world in, oh, eons! But I’m biased.)

The idea is that dozens or, in the best possible scenario, hundreds and thousands of people online become participants and investors in the project. We’ve got to raise a total of $50,000 US dollars to hire a casting director, line producer and develop a transmedia campaign (more on that in a minute), so that Just in Life sees the big screen and everyone who participates gets to see their name in lights. Cool, huh?

Whether you donate a small amount or decide to cash in that huge inheritance check, you become a part of a unique project and will get rewards in return. Whether they’re gifts, downloads or just the knowledge that the day you need help for a crowdfunded project of your own, you’ll already have paid it forward, think about it, it’s win-win.

As for transmedia, it “is the technique of telling a single story or story experience across multiple platforms and formats using current digital technologies […].

From a production standpoint, it involves creating contentthat engages an audience using various techniques to permeate their daily lives. In order to achieve this engagement, a transmedia production will develop stories across multiple forms of media in order to deliver unique pieces of content in each channel. Importantly, these pieces of content are not only linked together (overtly or subtly), but are in narrative synchronization with each other.” (source: Wikipedia)

The best and most recent example of this is the Dark Knight campaign. Click here to see it.

In lay terms, it means only some of the coolest experiences on- and offline around great content. You’ll have to take our word for it that Just in Life won’t disappoint.


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