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Crowdfunding and Transmedia

Big names for relatively simple concepts, or so we’d like to think. If you’ve never heard of these two terms, you’re in the right place. Crowdfunding is precisely what its name implies, a crowd that together funds something. That is … Continue reading

21. August 2012 by alegomezkraus
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Destiny awaits us

They say everything happens for a reason. What would you do if you were suddenly able to revisit everything that happened in your life? Would you change things? Could you? That’s precisely what Just in Life aims to do…show us … Continue reading

13. August 2012 by alegomezkraus
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Get Me Out Of Here. Let’s Make A Movie

It all started as in every movie. Two days before we started filming, the production department was making last minute calls, asking the cast several favors and gathering every home decoration that could be used as a prop for our … Continue reading

14. June 2012 by dany
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